Ever wondered how to skyrocket your LinkedIn engagement without spending hours crafting the perfect post?

Enter Lempod – the secret weapon in your LinkedIn arsenal.

This tool helps your content skyrocket engagement effortlessly.

Let's dive into the world of Lempod and discover how it can transform your LinkedIn presence.

What is Lempod?

Imagine you've just made a great LinkedIn post and you want all your LinkedIn connections to see it and say 'Wow!'.

That's kind of what Lempod does for your LinkedIn posts.

Lempod is a tool, where you join pods (it's a Chrome Extension - easy to install).

When you join these pods, you become part of a team. Everyone in the team agrees to help each other out. So, when you put up a post on LinkedIn, all your new friends will like it automatically. You can even get them to comment as well!

And guess what? When lots of people like and talk about your post, even more people get to see it.

So, in simple words, it helps make your LinkedIn posts popular by getting your new "pod" members to like them. And when your posts get popular, even more people on LinkedIn start to notice you and what you have to say.

Understanding Engagement Pods

Normally, if you want your LinkedIn post to get noticed, you might ask a few friends to like or comment on it. This is pretty much the idea behind engagement pods, like the ones you find in Lempod.

In LinkedIn's world, these pods are like teams. Everyone in the team agrees to help each other out. So, when you post something, your team members – the other people in the pod – will like or comment your post. And you'll do the same for them. It's a give-and-take relationship.

This approach is simple but effective: when your post gets more likes and comments, LinkedIn shows it to more people. It's like a group effort where everyone works together to make sure each member's content shines.

The Value of LinkedIn Engagement

Getting likes, comments, and shares on LinkedIn is important because it increases the visibility of your posts.

When more people engage with your content, LinkedIn's algorithm is more likely to show your post to others. This means more professionals on LinkedIn will see what you have to say, which can lead to more connections, job opportunities, or business growth.

Simply put, the more engagement your post receives, the more it's seen and recognized by others on the platform.

How Lempod Boosts LinkedIn Engagement

Lempod helps increase the engagement on your LinkedIn posts in a direct way. When you join a pod, you become part of a group where each member supports one another's posts.

This means when you post on LinkedIn, the members of your pod will automatically like and comment on your post. This activity boosts your post's visibility because LinkedIn's algorithm recognizes the increased engagement and shows your post to more people.

In return, you engage with the posts of your pod members, creating a supportive cycle of increased visibility for everyone involved.

Lempod has a huge marketplace of pods available to choose from. Find those relevant to you.

Lempod review
Example of the Lempod Marketplace when searching "executive".

Best Pods to Join in 2024

Here are some of the best pods currently in 2024.

  1. CMO Leadership Pod
  2. Founders and Entrepreneurs in Europe
  4. Elite US Growth Hackers

Lempod Pricing Structure

Lempod offers its services on a subscription model, where the cost depends on how many pods you join and the type of pods you choose. For each public group you join, the price is $9.99 per month.

If you decide to make a private pod (where you'll pay for everybody), the cost is $3.99 per month for each member in that group.

This flexible pricing structure allows you to tailor your investment according to your engagement needs on LinkedIn. Whether you're part of one group or several, you have the freedom to choose the level of engagement that fits your goals and budget. By subscribing you're essentially investing in enhancing your LinkedIn profile's visibility and reach, as the service helps to significantly boost the engagement on your posts.

Personal Review of Lempod

I've been using Lempod for nearly three years now, and it's been instrumental in boosting my LinkedIn profile and giving my posts the extra push they need.

It's become a key component in my strategy for LinkedIn growth. While it's true that no tool can save poor content, it has been remarkable in ensuring that my high-quality posts get the attention they deserve, often spreading rapidly among my network.

During my time with Lempod, I've experimented with both private and public pods, each offering its unique advantages and challenges. Below, I've shared some of the insights and tips I've gathered from these experiences below.

Best Practices: Dos and Don'ts with Lempod

Here's some of my best dos and don'ts when using this tool.


  1. Post Valuable Content: Share posts that are relevant and engaging. Quality content is more likely to get engagement, especially with Lempod's help.
  2. Choose Suitable Pods: Pick pods that match your industry or interests for more meaningful engagement.
  3. Assess Pod Members: In new pods, review member profiles. Look for those with strong networks and genuine engagement to ensure they contribute effectively to your reach. Avoid pods with the opposite.
  4. Maintain Direct Interaction with Your Network: Beyond your activities in the pods, make sure to personally interact with your LinkedIn connections. Engaging directly with your network through comments, messages, and posts adds a personal touch and can greatly enrich your overall LinkedIn experience.


  1. Rely Solely on Auto-Comments: Avoid over-reliance on Lempod's auto-comment feature. Instead, write personalized, meaningful comments to make interactions appear more genuine.
  2. Join Just Any Pod: Be selective about the pods you join. Ensure they align with your content's quality and relevance to effectively reach your target audience.


Lempod is a great tool for boosting your LinkedIn engagement, but it works best when used smartly. Focus on sharing quality content and genuinely engaging with your network. Choose your pods carefully and always give back as much as you receive.

Remember, Lempod is a tool to enhance your efforts, not a substitute for real engagement. Use it wisely to build a strong, authentic professional network on LinkedIn.

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