The Affiliate Lab, created in 2017 by Matt Diggity, is a course that teaches people how to make money online. It offers lessons on choosing the right niche, improving website content for search engines (SEO), and other business tactics that don't go out of style.

With nearly 4,000 students finding success through this program, The Affiliate Lab keeps its teachings fresh with the latest SEO tips. For $997 without extra fees, beginners and those looking to grow their businesses can learn a lot from this program.

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However, it's packed with so much knowledge that some might find it hard to keep up and it does not offer refunds if you change your mind. When comparing it to others like The Authority Site System or Passive Income Geek, The Affiliate Lab stands out because of its no-nonsense approach and focus on what really works according to Google's rules.

Let’s dive deeper into what makes The Affiliate Lab worth considering.

Affiliate Lab Review

The Affiliate Lab is one of the best 'Make money online' courses out there. It's detailed, easy to follow, and has helped affiliates (both small and big) earn millions. If you're serious about SEO and affiliate marketing, this course is a must-have.

Understanding the Affiliate Lab

Matt Diggity is the creator of The Affiliate Lab, an online platform that guides individuals in making money through affiliate marketing. The program offers strategies for earning online and insights into maximizing profits with the help of SEO techniques.

Who is Matt Diggity?

Matt Diggity is a well-known name in the world of affiliate marketing. He founded The Affiliate Lab, where he shares his expert knowledge on building successful affiliate sites. Using evergreen business tactics and proven SEO strategies, he has tested his methods on real businesses to ensure they work.

He not only teaches others how to make money online but also runs multiple successful affiliate websites himself. With his experience and success, Matt has become an authoritative figure in the digital marketing industry, guiding both beginners and seasoned marketers toward achieving their goals.

What is the Affiliate Lab?

The Affiliate Lab is a comprehensive affiliate marketing course created by SEO expert Matt Diggity in 2017. It offers a step-by-step blueprint for building successful affiliate sites and earning online income.

Students learn to find profitable niches, grow their sites with search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, and apply evergreen business strategies. This program combines proven SEO strategies from real tests on actual businesses to ensure effectiveness.

It includes constant updates, keeping content fresh with the latest SEO techniques. The private mastermind group connects nearly 4,000 students who have found success through the course.

The Affiliate Lab focuses not just on theory but practical application, aiming to turn members into skilled affiliate marketers capable of scaling their online businesses efficiently.

How does the Affiliate Lab help in earning money online?

Affiliate Lab offers a step-by-step blueprint to build successful affiliate sites, targeting every key aspect necessary for online earnings. It teaches you how to select niches wisely, research keywords effectively, and implement strategies for powerful link building.

This affiliate marketing course equips learners with lab-tested SEO techniques, ensuring they know how to drive traffic and monetize websites efficiently. Bonuses like the Affiliate Email Marketing Module add value by enhancing skills in email marketing and content generation.

Its comprehensive approach covers onsite and offsite SEO tactics that are crucial for high rankings in search engines. Students learn to create content that hooks readers while optimizing their sites to convert visitors into revenue.

Success stories include a golf performance website that saw its traffic explode by 250%, reaching around 100k readers monthly. With such proven strategies, Affiliate Lab empowers members to transform their affiliate marketing businesses into profitable ventures online.

My personal thougths after buying the The Affiliate Lab

I bought The Affiliate Lab, and it blew my mind. Matt Diggity crafted a course that dives deep into SEO and affiliate marketing strategies. It covers everything from niche selection to link building techniques.

Using the course I managed to build out an affiliate site that made the initial investment of $997 back in only 4 months. Now I brings in thousands of visitors every month in multiple different niches.

If you like Matt Diggitys videos on YouTube then you'll love The Affiliate Lab.

I found the community support truly valuable, especially when I felt overwhelmed by the vast amount of information.

The training is comprehensive and up-to-date. It teaches how to grow profitable affiliate sites in a competitive market. While beginners might find it challenging at first, the step-by-step guidance makes it easier to grasp complex concepts over time.

This course has changed how I approach building an affiliate business online.

Here's a review on YouTube I found helpful before I bought the course.

The Affiliate Lab Core Training

The Affiliate Lab Core Training provides in-depth instruction on niche selection strategies, onsite and offsite SEO techniques, site audits, and improvements. Read more for insights into how it can help you master affiliate marketing.

Niche selection strategy

To excel in the affiliate marketing arena covered in The Affiliate Lab, the course places a heavy emphasis on niche selection. It provides essential tools like LeadSpring Niche Grading Tool to assist learners in identifying profitable and rankable niches.

Moreover, it delves into the concept of building authority sites over traditional niche sites, underscoring the significance of choosing niches with potential to evolve into authoritative platforms.

The modules within The Affiliate Lab cover various aspects related to niche selection, onsite and offsite SEO strategies, technical audits, troubleshooting issues, building authority sites, and scaling multiple affiliate sites.

Onsite SEO techniques

Onsite SEO techniques taught in the Affiliate Lab cover optimizing website elements for search engines. The course provides strategies for improving site architecture, semantic SEO, and increasing click-through rates.

Additionally, it emphasizes creating high-quality content that aligns with topical authority and AI-generated content to enhance organic visibility.

The training program also delves into optimizing for featured snippets to gain prominence in SERPs. Furthermore, it offers insights into conversion rate optimization (CRO) to maximize affiliate revenue through effective site maintenance and enhancing user experience.

Offsite SEO strategies

The Affiliate Lab Core Training includes in-depth offsite SEO strategies to boost website traffic and secure top organic search rankings. With 12 videos dedicated to "The Bulletproof Backlink Strategy" and a bonus course on "Outreach Masterclass," the training provides comprehensive guidance on obtaining backlinks through outreach, helping websites achieve remarkable growth and reach up to 100k monthly readers.

Optimizing offsite SEO is crucial for surpassing competition and achieving significant traffic increase - The Affiliate Lab's Core Training covers an array of effective strategies that have proven successful in driving substantial organic traffic growth by up to 250%.

Site audits and improvements

The course covers technical audits and troubleshooting issues to help improve site performance.

Techniques for identifying and rectifying common website issues are extensively explained, including:
1) On-page and off-page SEO analysis
2) Identifying and resolving technical errors
3) Improving website speed and user experience
4) Implementing schema markup for enhanced search visibility
5) Optimizing site structure and internal linking for better navigation
6) Analyzing and improving conversion rate optimization strategies

What Makes the Affiliate Lab Unique?

The Affiliate Lab stands out for its emphasis on legitimate online business practices that align with search engine algorithms, helping students build sustainable businesses while staying ahead of the competition.

The course's distinctive approach focuses on in-depth SEO strategies and does not have any up-sells, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience without additional costs. Additionally, with a thriving mastermind group of nearly 4,000 successful students, The Affiliate Lab provides a supportive community for networking and sharing valuable insights.

The Affiliate Lab Pricing: Value for Money?

The Affiliate Lab is priced at $997, but Matt Diggity gave me a $200 discount to my readers (click here to get it). The absence of up-sells makes it a cost-effective investment for those looking to elevate their business and potentially flip their websites.

Pros of the Affiliate Lab

Gain comprehensive SEO training and insightful hacks. Get guidance on growing affiliate websites with updated content for staying ahead.

Comprehensive SEO training

The Affiliate Lab offers comprehensive SEO training, including niche selection strategies, onsite and offsite SEO techniques, site audits, and improvements. The course also covers snippet optimization, link building techniques, and AI content generation playbook to help website owners enhance their search engine rankings and organic traffic.

With constant updates to keep up with the latest SEO trends, students receive the most relevant and valuable training available in the market.

Access to unique SEO hacks

Gain exclusive access to cutting-edge SEO hacks that set The Affiliate Lab apart from other courses. Learn lab-tested and proven techniques in niche selection, onsite and offsite SEO, backlink strategies, and site audits that have been meticulously crafted to provide maximum impact for your affiliate marketing success.

Stay ahead of the competition with constantly updated content, giving you an edge in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Guidance on growing affiliate websites

The Affiliate Lab provides comprehensive guidance on growing affiliate websites, emphasizing niche selection and profitable niches. The course equips beginners with SEO strategies tailored to enhance their affiliate website's growth, ensuring a solid foundation for success in the competitive online market.

Updated content to stay ahead of the competition

Constant updates in the course ensure it stays current with the latest SEO techniques. Students benefit from a continuous stream of innovative strategies, giving them an edge over competitors and helping them maintain top positions in search engine results.

This ongoing attention to industry changes ensures that students are equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and tools to stay ahead in the digital marketing landscape.

Cons of the Affiliate Lab

The Affiliate Lab overwhelms with an enormous amount of information, lacking a refund policy and presenting average production value. To learn more, delve into the full review.

Overwhelming amount of information

The course has been criticized for its extensive content, which may be overwhelming for some. It covers a wide range of topics, including SOPs and checklists for onsite and offsite SEO maintenance, life optimization techniques, and handling search engine penalties.

This comprehensive approach aims to provide in-depth knowledge and guidance on various aspects of affiliate marketing and SEO strategy but may require careful time management and focus to navigate effectively through the vast amount of information provided.

No refund policy

The Affiliate Lab maintains a strict no-refund policy to prevent abuse by scammers looking to exploit the system. This decision aligns with the course's commitment to providing valuable content while combating fraudulent activities in the industry.

Although this approach may raise initial concerns, it ensures that genuine learners can access and benefit from comprehensive SEO training without interruption, maintaining the integrity of the program and fostering a community of committed individuals dedicated to mastering affiliate marketing strategies effectively.

By adhering to this policy, The Affiliate Lab continues to deliver its material in a structured, easily digestible manner, allowing members to progress at their own pace without compromising on quality or depth of knowledge acquisition.

Average production value

The course's production value is average, focusing on teaching website building without unnecessary distractions. The focus remains on delivering the information necessary for creating successful affiliate sites, despite not reaching the same level of production quality as some competitors.

Inside the Affiliate Lab: Course Breakdown

The Affiliate Lab offers a comprehensive course breakdown covering niche and keyword research, content creation and SEO strategies, snippet optimization, link building techniques, and site maintenance and conversion rate optimization.

It provides detailed insights into each aspect of affiliate marketing to help you build a successful online presence.

Niche and keyword research

  • The Affiliate Lab emphasizes niche selection using the LeadSpring Niche Grading Tool.
  • Find and select a suitable niche with the help of a proven niche grading tool.
  • Advanced information on niche site vs. authority site discussion.
  • Site architecture and high - converting affiliate landing pages are covered.
  • Schema markup tips are provided to enhance search visibility.
  • Trust factors on a niche site are bolstered through expert guidance.

Content creation and SEO strategies

The course includes comprehensive modules on content creation and SEO strategies. Here's a breakdown of the key aspects covered:

  1. The importance of high - quality, engaging content creation.
  2. Strategic keyword research and integration for SEO optimization.
  3. Techniques for crafting compelling meta descriptions and title tags to improve click - through rates.
  4. Implementing effective internal linking strategies to enhance website structure.
  5. Utilizing multimedia elements such as images, videos, and infographics to enhance user experience.
  6. Tips for optimizing content for featured snippets and rich results on search engines.
  7. Leveraging social media platforms for content promotion and engagement.

Snippet optimization

The course delves into snippet optimization, providing insights on how to craft compelling meta descriptions and titles that boost click-through rates. It emphasizes the importance of using relevant keywords and creating engaging content that entices users to visit the site.

Furthermore, it offers strategies for leveraging structured data to enhance search engine result page appearance, ultimately driving higher traffic and increasing visibility on SERPs.

With a focus on practical techniques and best practices, the Affiliate Lab equips learners with actionable methods for optimizing snippets effectively.

The Affiliate Lab course offers comprehensive training on effective link building techniques to enhance website authority and organic ranking, including:

  1. Utilizing guest posting to gain high - quality backlinks from authoritative websites.
  2. Employing strategic outreach methods to secure natural and relevant link placements.
  3. Creating engaging and shareable content to attract natural links from other websites.
  4. Leveraging broken link building strategies to acquire valuable backlinks for SEO improvement.

Site maintenance and conversion rate optimization

Site maintenance and conversion rate optimization are crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of affiliate websites. Here are key strategies covered in The Affiliate Lab for these aspects:

  1. Regularly updating content to keep it relevant and engaging.
  2. Implementing technical improvements to enhance site speed and user experience.
  3. Optimizing call-to-action placements to drive higher conversion rates.
  4. Testing and refining landing pages to improve conversion performance.
  5. Monitoring and analyzing site metrics to identify areas for improvement.

Bonus Material in the Affiliate Lab

The Affiliate Lab offers bonus materials such as affiliate email marketing, SOPs and checklists, life optimization techniques, handling penalties, and an AI content generation playbook.

These additional resources enhance the value of the course for aspiring affiliate marketers.

Affiliate email marketing

The Affiliate Lab offers a comprehensive bonus on affiliate email marketing. The course provides insights and strategies to effectively leverage email marketing for affiliate businesses, enhancing the overall value of the program.

Additionally, the AI Content Generation Playbook included in the bonus stack equips learners with innovative approaches to developing AI-generated content, adding further depth and relevance to their affiliate marketing efforts.

SOPs and checklists

The Affiliate Lab provides SOPs and checklists for onsite and offsite SEO maintenance, optimizing life, and handling search engine penalties. These resources offer step-by-step guidelines to streamline affiliate marketing processes and ensure consistent performance in SEO strategies.

Many of these resources are designed to simplify complex tasks such as site audits, link building techniques, snippet optimization, content creation, keyword research, and conversion rate optimization.

The AI content generation playbook also enhances productivity by automating certain aspects of the process.

Life optimization techniques

The Affiliate Lab course offers valuable life optimization techniques through a members’ Facebook group for support. It emphasizes sustainable SEO strategies for organic traffic, contributing to life optimization.

The bonus materials include valuable skills for personal and professional life optimization.

Handling penalties

The Affiliate Lab course offers valuable bonus material on managing penalties from search engines. This includes a module called the Truth About Penalties, which provides insights into addressing penalties related to affiliate marketing and SEO.

AI content generation playbook

The AI Content Generation Playbook, an added feature in The Affiliate Lab course, offers valuable insights and strategies for affiliate marketers. This playbook includes advanced techniques for creating content using artificial intelligence, providing a competitive edge in the affiliate marketing world.

Affiliate marketers joining The Affiliate Lab gain access to this bonus material as part of their comprehensive training package. With hands-on guidance on utilizing AI-generated content effectively, affiliates can enhance their online presence and stay ahead of the competition.

The Affiliate Lab for Beginners

The Affiliate Lab offers a beginner-friendly approach to understanding and navigating the world of affiliate marketing. It simplifies complex concepts, making it accessible for those new to the industry.

The course emphasizes niche selection, providing a blueprint for creating successful affiliate sites and building a community forum through its private Facebook Group.

With an unwavering focus on providing clear guidance, The Affiliate Lab equips beginners with essential knowledge while emphasizing the importance of choosing a niche strategically.

This ensures that individuals starting out in affiliate marketing can confidently begin their journey towards success.

Students’ Success Stories with the Affiliate Lab

  1. One student, Jan Suski, reported a 65% increase in site traffic and over 110% boost in affiliate earnings from Amazon after applying the course methods.
  2. Dan Farrant found success by selling a site for $20,000 after investing $2,500 and transitioning from their 9 to 5 job due to knowledge gained from the course.
  3. Other students have also achieved significant growth and profitability through implementing the strategies learned in the Affiliate Lab.
  4. Myself? I created multiple affiliate niche sites that bring in thousands of visitors every month - finally a blueprint easy to follow and execute.

Comparing the Affiliate Lab with Alternatives

Compare the Affiliate Lab with other popular courses for a comprehensive understanding of what sets it apart. Read on to make an informed decision.

The Authority Site System (TASS) by Authority Hacker

The Authority Site System (TASS) has proven its efficacy, propelling a golf performance website to a 250% traffic increase and approximately 100k monthly readers. Additionally, it facilitated the establishment of an informative sports science site now reaching around 40k monthly readers.

Riveting community support and high value for money ratings from validated reviewers further illustrate its impact.

Furthermore, the course implementation led to a notable 65% uptick in site traffic and over a 110% surge in Amazon affiliate earnings for one reviewer. Another individual managed to sell a $20,000 site after investing $2,500 and found alternative employment through skills acquired via the TASS teachings.

Blog Growth Engine

Blog Growth Engine is a robust platform that offers comprehensive training and strategies for scaling affiliate websites. With a focus on SEO and niche selection, it equips users with the tools needed to achieve substantial traffic growth.

The platform has garnered positive feedback for its ability to effectively guide users in optimizing their sites for increased visibility and earnings.

Implementing the techniques from Blog Growth Engine has resulted in significant improvements in site traffic and affiliate earnings for many users. The course provides valuable insights into niche selection, content optimization, and link building, making it an essential resource for those aiming to succeed in the competitive world of affiliate marketing.

Passive Income Geek

Passive Income Geek offers a diverse range of resources to aid in creating and scaling passive income streams. Their SEO-focused approach, combined with their emphasis on niche and authority sites, provides valuable insights for affiliate marketers.

The community aspect and the opportunity to interact with other members further enriches the learning experience.

The Affiliate Lab is distinct due to its focus on comprehensive SEO training, access to unique SEO hacks, guidance on growing affiliate websites, and consistently updated content for staying ahead of the competition.

Affiliate Lab FAQs

Is the Affiliate Lab beginner-friendly? Does it guide on niche selection? What is the cost of the Affiliate Lab and is it legitimate? Find answers here to boost your affiliate marketing knowledge.

Is the Affiliate Lab beginner-friendly?

The Affiliate Lab is ideal for beginners venturing into the affiliate marketing and SEO world, offering a comprehensive approach suitable for those new to these fields. With an emphasis on organic traffic and sustainable SEO strategies, it provides a solid foundation for novices while also catering to websites monetizing with display ads.

The course is highly recommended for its ability to cover basics in detail, making it beginner-friendly and accessible. Additionally, it emphasizes sustainable SEO strategies suitable for newcomers in the field of affiliate marketing, providing valuable insights into building a successful online presence through organic traffic.

Does the Affiliate Lab guide on niche selection?

The Affiliate Lab includes extensive training on niche selection, emphasizing the importance of choosing a profitable and rankable niche. The course provides tools such as LeadSpring Niche Grading Tool to aid in selecting niches with growth potential into authority sites.

Additionally, Matt Diggity introduces the concept of building authority sites over niche sites, underlining the significance of choosing a niche that allows for expansion into an authoritative platform.

What is the cost of the Affiliate Lab?

The cost of The Affiliate Lab is $997 for lifetime access or two payments of $597 with a $200 discount available (click here to get the $200 off). It's important to note that the program does not offer refunds but has a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Is the Affiliate Lab legitimate?

The Affiliate Lab is a legitimate SEO course, backed by positive reviews from verified students and seasoned reviewers. Its creator, Matt Diggity, carries a strong reputation in the affiliate marketing and SEO industry.


In conclusion, The Affiliate Lab by Matt Diggity is a comprehensive and evergreen online course for affiliate marketing. With a proven track record since 2017, the course provides clear instructions and support from a large community of successful students.

Covering niche selection strategies, SEO techniques, and bonus materials like AI content generation, it offers value for money as an investment in building a successful online business.

Overall, The Affiliate Lab stands out as an effective blueprint for those looking to grow their income through affiliate sites with legitimate and Google-approved practices.


1. Is taking this course worth the money?

Yes, I do consider it worth the price because it covers all aspects of affiliate SEO marketing from basics to advanced techniques and even includes lessons on flipping sites for profit.

2. Can beginners benefit from this course?

Absolutely! Beginners new to affiliate marketing will find this course packed with essential information, guiding them through each step of setting up and growing an authority site in high-competition niches.

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