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Welcome to the 6th edition of "State of anew sleep".

Every month I share snippets of what I (and the team) at anew sleep are working on.

Here's what happened.

Content galore

While the hot weather heavily influences our sales, I’ve been working hard on producing, directing, and acquiring more content to use now and later this year.

June has been spent producing no fewer than 22 new videos (UGC and founder content). Additionally, over 20 banners were created by a skilled employee from PL & Partners.

We’re seeing great performance with the new content for our cooling and summer products in anew sleep - an absolute pleasure considering the drop in sales of our weighted blankets, as discussed in the previous State of anew sleep.

It’s not just videos that are performing well; we’re also starting to see better results with banners. Combining banner testing with ad copy and headline testing can significantly boost performance if done correctly.

Tip: Video ads usually last longer and can handle more spend before experiencing ad fatigue. However, banners are easier to create. Remember to use both.

If you're not tracking, you're slacking

Since the beginning of running anew sleep, I’ve meticulously documented the performance of every UGC agency, content creator, and video made.

I know how much better one agency performs compared to the next, which creators drive a better ROAS, and who to go to when I want +50% hook rates.

When looking across over 300 ads mapped out with:

  • Who made it
  • Who scripted it
  • What product is advertised
  • Who is the person in the video
  • What is the concept of the video
  • etc.

One thing stands out when we want to make future predictions and decisions on who to use and what to create:

Who does the scripting and comes up with the creative idea?

It is single-handedly the most important factor that will make or break your performance. That’s why I’ve spent the last 12 months nerding out on scripts, copywriting, and learning how to drive performance at scale through the right content.

If you want to beat the competition in 2024 and 2025 with social media ads, this is where to focus your efforts.

The end of this blog?

If you follow me on LinkedIn, it will be no surprise that I’ve had the absolute pleasure and honor of returning to the day-to-day operations of the agency I co-founded 9 years ago: PL & Partners.

I’ll be back in business on the 1st of August, together with Mads and Haris, who also co-founded anew sleep with me. I will be helping new and old clients using my experience with e-commerce, content creation, and performance marketing to take them to the next level.

What does this mean for anew sleep?

anew sleep will still be run by all three of us, but we’re hiring in-house staff to take over some of the day-to-day tasks, allowing us to focus on the bigger picture and scale the company. Our ambition and current pace of 250% YoY growth is going strong, and we don’t plan to slow down.

Will I stop writing on this blog for future updates?

No. Thankfully, I have a large and loyal following on this blog, and I enjoy sharing my knowledge, so it’s not something I’ll stop doing.

As I plan my content for the future, I intend to share more videos on how I do things. These content pieces are popular. The last video I created, where I talked about how I structured my Meta ad account, had over 5,000 plays.

So if you’re into more long-form content, stay tuned as I plan to share more. The content will continue to be in English, as over 40% of my newsletter subscribers are outside the Danish market.


Thanks for reading so far. I will be doing this every month. If there's something specific you want to hear about in these updates: Shoot me a message on LinkedIn.

See you in a month.

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