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Welcome to the 4th edition of "State of anew sleep".

Every month I share snippets of what I (and the team) at anew sleep are working on.

Here's what happened.

Unlocking Growth with Zero Party Data

One thing I am obsessed with is collecting valuable data on our customers' wants and needs.

By understanding our customers, we're unlocking huge upticks in our performance on our website, our ads, and the way we do business.

In the past few months, we've conducted a survey on over 11,000 people (non-customers), asking them about their habits and preferences related to sleep.

This was to fully understand how we should conduct business and what kind of products we need in the future.

Now we know:

  • Real people telling us why their sleep is bad.
  • Issues related to falling asleep.
  • Issues related to staying asleep.
  • How many people have tried weighted blankets.
  • How many people know about weighted blankets.
  • What is their opinion of weighted blankets.
  • And +30 more questions.

I don't see a lot of companies working with zero-party data in this way.

And to be honest: It's a damn shame.

Knowing what triggers people to buy our products is perhaps the single most important thing that can improve our growth.

Imagine cutting through the noise and being clear to your customers.

It's really going to be one of the most important things we're doing this year.

I can already pinpoint in my ads going forward:

  • Create personas based on real user data.
  • What I need to highlight.
  • What selling points actually matter.
  • What matters to our customers.

While everybody is obsessed with trying to squeeze performance out of Meta, Google, TikTok and every other platform:

We're getting smart about spending our money. ⭐️

Writing Good Scripts

After knowing more about our current and potential customers, we've begun working heavily on improving our scripts in our videos.

What do we say?
In what order?
What really triggers people to buy?

All these things have become a lot easier to execute. Now we're seeing massive growth in our hook rate, as well as people watching our videos to the end.

Hook rate refers to the percentage of viewers engaged by the first 3 seconds of your content.

This in turn helps our click-through-rate to our website.

In the end: better ROAS – more profit.

Product Dev Continues

In March we added +10 new products to anew sleep which was great.

We released four new pillow (based on your sleeping position), classical high quality duvets for all-year-around and summer – and more great stuff.

It really helps us leverage our email marketing list even better.

It helps us sell more to the same customers. This is huge when you're selling durables such as weighted blankets. When selling durables, you're forced to profit on every order compared to selling products that are designed to be repurchased.

So adding more products to boost average order value and repeat buyers is key.

Now we're looking into adding even more products.

I cannot wait to show what we've got in store.

Decision Fatigue and Dashboards

When running your business, you want to make it as easy as possible for yourself.

Decisions need to be made on a daily basis — especially when running a data-driven business. You want to have all the necessary important information at hand all the time, ready to decide on what to do next.

If you don't have that, you will burn energy trying to figure out what to do next all the time.

That's why from the very beginning, Haris built our amazing reporting to support business decisions with ease.

Now we're leveling up our business and marketing-centric reporting through Funnel.io to support our continued growth and make it even easier to run and grow our business.

It's going to be a blast to roll out our reporting 2.0.

Everything from inventory and revenue forecasting to optimizing our marketing performance at scale will be readily available for us 24-7-365.


Thanks for reading so far. I will be doing this every month. If there's something specific you want to hear about in these updates: Shoot me a message on LinkedIn.

See you in a month.

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