Hi there,

This is the 1st edition of "State of anew sleep".

A new format where I will be sharing what's happening at anew sleep.

The things I am writing about, they are top of mind at my end.

So here it is.

7 things on my mind.

New Year, New Horizons

With a new year, new opportunities come along.

2024 is set to be a landmark year for anew sleep, with many new product releases on the horizon and exciting business cooperations.

I am looking especially forward to our upcoming business trip to Shanghai in March. I will be going with Haris, my co-founder. It'll be a great opportunity to improve our partnership with one of our suppliers. We will also be working on creating and improving relevant products for our customers.

Product innovation will be a key enabler for growth in the coming years.

We don't want to become another one-product-store - it's too vulnerable.

Elevating Our SEO Game

In other news, we've also decided to use AgilityWriter, a very powerful content writer fueled by GPT4.

If you ever dreamt of almost ready to rank articles for Google? Here it is. Combining Agility Write and SurferSEO is a deadly and powerful combo when it comes to SEO in 2024.

With Agility Writer, we're not just aiming to climb the SEO ladder; we're looking to redefine it.

Our goal?

To ensure that when you search for sleep solutions, anew sleep is your first and best answer in Denmark. ❤️

Ambitious SEO Goals

Speaking of SEO, we're thrilled to share that we've nearly hit 20K monthly organic visitors, all thanks to our SEO efforts.

This milestone isn't just a number; it's a testament to our team's hard work.

But why stop there?

We're setting our sights on 50K visitors by year-end.

Ambitious? Absolutely.

Achievable? With my anew team? I would never doubt them.

Did anyone say UGC?

We're seeing great results with UGC ads.

That's why we're upping our game in user-generated content, adding over 20 new UGC videos monthly.

This means more real stories, more authentic experiences, and more ways for our customers to see anew sleep products in action.

Get ready for a social media experience that's as real and relatable as it gets.

Feedback? Always

Even though I've worked with digital marketing for 10 years (yes I know - old timer 👴) I always ask for direct feedback on everything we do in anew sleep.

I can't be the best at everything. That's why I love speaking with brilliant minds.

This time, Rasmus Mogenstrup, the recent addition to the partner roster in PL & Partners came in with great ideas on improving our Meta ads.

Sometimes it's the small things making the biggest changes. I can't wait to implement the feedback from Rasmus to see the effect.

What did he recommend?

In short:

More content, consolidation and doubling down on what's working.

Welcome to Christian, Mads and Mathilde

This month we're also welcoming three new colleagues.

Christian and Mads will be working in the marketing team together with Matthias and I. They are here on a internship eager to learn the ins and outs of e-commerce marketing in 2024.

Mathilde will be working in our customer service team on our ambition of having the best customer service in Denmark (ps. we're not far off - just see our Trustpilot).

Now we're 8 in anew sleep.

Amazing to think that just 18 months ago, we were 3 co-founders eager to launch.

Cranking out CRO

On the conversion rate optimization (CRO) front, we're constantly experimenting.

Our recent initiatives are already showing promising results.

By fine-tuning our product pages and optimizing user experience, we're making sure that every visit to anew sleep is smooth and converting.

Next up we'll be improving upon our blog.

With tens of thousands visitors every month to the blog, even minor improvements can really move the needle, when it comes to running a succesful e-commerce.


2024 is going to be a great year and I can't wait to share all the great things we'll be working on and improving upon in anew sleep.

Every month I'll be sharing a brief update on my business and what we've been working on.

See you in a month.

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