How Many People Use Bing a Day?

On a daily basis, approximately 100 million people use Bing to search the web. In January 2024 alone, Bing reported a global visitor count of 574.1 million.

Bing User Statistics

Bing has a substantial number of daily active users and attracts a large number of unique visitors. The duration of user visits on Bing is noteworthy, indicating strong engagement.

Daily Active Users

Bing attracts a significant crowd daily. It boasts around 100 million daily active users. (Source: Bing)

Unique Visitors

With 1.2 billion distinct visitors globally in 2022 and a notable 574.1 million in just January of 2024, Bing showcases its enduring appeal. (Source: Statista)

Demographics of Bing Users

Bing users are diverse in demographics, covering a wide range of ages and gender distributions. The user distribution also varies across different countries.

User Distribution by Gender

The gender distribution among Bing users reveals the following:

Male: 67.65%
Female: 32.35%

(Source: SimilarWeb)

User Distribution by Country

Here's a quick glance at the top countries leading the traffic to

China: 36.17%
United States: 26.25%
Japan: 3.71%

China tops the list, contributing over a third of all visitors. The United States follows, with over a quarter of the site's traffic. Japan, while a smaller fraction, still signifies a noteworthy segment of Bing's audience. (Source: SimilarWeb)

Bing's Market Share

Bing's global market share has grown steadily, indicating its increasing relevance in the search engine market.

Global Market Share

Currently, Bing stands as the second most used search engine worldwide, boasting a market share of 3.43%. (Source: Statista)

Market Share in the US

Bing's overall US market share increased to 7.85% in 2024, up from 5.97% in 2021. For desktop searches, it rose even more, reaching 17.21% from 11.38%. Impressively, in the gaming console search market, Bing captured 38.46% in 2024. This data shows Bing's growing influence in search, especially among desktop and gaming console users. (Source: EarthWeb)


Bing's global market share is approximately 10.5% in the desktop search engine realm (Source: Statcounter), with over 500 million unique monthly visitors and a second-place standing worldwide. In the US, Bing commands a significant market share of about 54.68% in the console segment.

Its net ad revenue reached an impressive $6.24 billion last year, marking steady growth from prior years. (Sources: eMarketerMicrosoft)

Furthermore, Bing's US search market share has experienced a modest increase to 38.46%. The company's FY2022 revenue amounted to approximately $11.59 billion while achieving an Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) of $9.66 and being valued at a staggering $400 billion. (Sources: eMarketerMicrosoft)

Overall, Bing continues as a major player in the web search engine industry both globally and within the United States.

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