Since I started my digital marketing agency back in 2015 I've worked with hundreds of Paid Social Specialists. I've hired and trained for the role in 9 years.

They play a vital role in digital marketing. They manage and create content on social media, audit accounts, develop strategies, oversee campaigns, and handle ad copy and budgeting. They also report on performance metrics.

About the author:
Hey - my name is Kristian. I am the founder of PL & Partners, a digital marketing agency in Denmark specialized in Paid Social. Currently we're 40+ people - so speaking on Paid Social is kind of my forte. If you have any questions on Paid Social ads or are looking for help with hiring a Paid Social Specialist (freelance or fulltime) - feel free to reach out to me. đź‘‹

Hiring a top-tier paid social specialist needs careful planning. This includes creating an ideal candidate profile, setting budgets, and drafting job descriptions that highlight the skills needed for successful campaigns.

Though if you end up employing a good Paid Social Specialist: It will give your businesses an edge in navigating social media ads and ensures the use of best practices for great results.

Sure you can find a jack of all trades - sometimes they can do it well. But once you start spending over $20,000 it's might be the right time to look for a true expert.

This article will guide you through what exactly Paid Social Specialists do and provide actionable insights into how you can hire the best talent out there.

Role of Paid Social Specialists

Paid Social Specialists focus on maximizing social media for business growth.

Their key responsibilities include:

  • Crafting and managing engaging ads across all major social platforms.
  • Auditing social media accounts to identify improvements and analyze performance.
  • Developing marketing strategies that span from awareness to conversion.
  • Launching, monitoring, and optimizing targeted advertising campaigns.
  • Managing budgets for social media ad spending efficiently.
  • Producing insightful reports on social media campaign performance.

This role demands a blend of creativity and analytical skill to navigate social media's fast-paced environment effectively.

Benefits of Hiring a Paid Social Specialist

If you're poundering if it is really worth it to hire a Paid Social Specialist, then you shouldn't. Paid Social Specialists brings a lot of benefits to the table. Here's some:

  1. Optimized Advertising Spend: These experts ensure that your advertising budget is used efficiently, targeting ads to yield the highest returns.
  2. Expertise in Social Media Advertising: With a deep understanding of various social platforms, they craft ads that engage and attract your target audience, boosting traffic to your offerings.
  3. Up-to-Date with Best Practices: Paid social specialists stay ahead of social media trends, applying the latest strategies to keep your campaigns relevant and effective.
  4. Depth of Knowledge Over Breadth: Their focused expertise in social media advertising offers advantages that general marketers can’t, providing tailored strategies that make your content stand out.

In short: The right Paid Social Specialist will make sure you get the best return on investment when you spend money on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Essential Qualities to Look for in a Social Specialist

Finding the right specialist can significantly elevate your brand's online engagement and presence. Here's what to prioritize in a candidate:

  • Proven Expertise in Paid Social Media: Look for proficiency in paid strategies - certifications such as Facebook Blueprint will show this.
  • Proficiency in Digital Marketing Metrics: The ability to analyze engagement and conversion metrics to refine strategies is crucial.
  • Creativity in Content Creation: Seek people who can produce or plan (with a content creator) content that resonates with your audience.
  • Excellent Communication Skills: Necessary for effectively conveying your brand’s voice and engaging with the online community.
  • Experience with Tools and Technologies: Look for familiarity with the latest marketing tools and platforms for efficient campaign management.

If you find someone with these qualities you won't be very far off.

My Favorite Questions to Ask When Hiring a Paid Social Specialist

Here's some of the best questions I've used to ask candidates in interviews.

  1. Experience with Paid Strategies:
    "Can you share how an example of how you've successfully improved the performance of social media ads in the past."
  2. Staying Updated:
    "How do you keep up with the latest in social media advertising policies and platform features?"
  3. Handling Challenges:
    "Tell me about a difficult campaign you managed. What was your approach, and what outcomes did you achieve?"
  4. Use of Tools for Campaign Analysis:
    "What analytics tools do you prefer, and how do you define campaign success?"
  5. Content Tailoring for Different Platforms:
    "How have you customized content to fit the unique vibe of each social media platform? If so can you give an example?"
  6. Strategies Aligned with Business Goals:
    "Considering our specific business goals (insert goals), what would you do in our shoes?"
  7. Budgeting for Campaigns:
    "How do you determine budgets for campaigns, and what factors influence your budgeting decisions?"
  8. Learning from Failure:
    "Describe a campaign that didn't go as planned. How did you respond and move forward?"

Asking these questions will help you understand the candidate's ability to navigate the nuances of paid social media marketing and their potential to contribute to your business's goals.

Cost of Paid Social Specialists

The salary range of Paid Social Specialists can differ based on factors such as years of experience, country, skillsets and much more. However, the average salary in the US orbits around $50,967 annually according to numerous statistics I found.

My experience from the Nordics is that a Paid Social Specialist will entry about $43,000 annually and the best will get north of $100,000 annually.


Hiring a Paid Social Specialist is a strategic investment that can elevate your brand's online presence and performance. With their deep understanding of paid social media, expertise in analytics, and creative content strategies, they ensure your advertising budget delivers maximum impact.

As digital marketing continues to evolve, having a specialist who can navigate its complexities and leverage the latest trends to your advantage is invaluable.

It's no secret we're also seeing rising costs on advertising platforms. So you want to get the most out of your budget.

Whether you're spending $20,000 or aiming higher, the right specialist will bring your business measurable success in the competitive digital landscape.

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