Do you want customers who actively approach you to initiate a dialogue about becoming clients in your agency?

You can achieve this with hard work and the right marketing.

This discipline is something I have worked on at PL & Partners for over 8 years.

Today, PL & Partners generates several hundred inbound leads annually.

Yes, you read that right.

Several hundred people expressing a desire to become our clients and requesting a meeting.

I've recorded a video that's 29 minutes and 59 seconds long (there was a 30-minute limit 😂) specifically on how you can start working on marketing your agency.

It's my attempt to distill 7 years of tangible experience down and make it simple and easy to digest.

If you are interested in getting more customers who approach you, then you should watch this video.

As always, if you have any questions, you can always catch me on LinkedIn or at

This video is created when my blog was Danish, therefore the video is in Danish. I plan to create new videos about our Facebook ads structure and strategies in the future. Subscribe to the newsletter to make sure not to miss future videos.

(See the video:

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