NeuronWriter helps improve online writing for better Google visibility, using AI for smart SEO strategies in 2023


It offers article enhancement tips, keyword suggestions, and checks for content uniqueness. Ideal for content creators, it has plans ranging from $22 to $117 per month, with a special one-time offer of $89.

While similar tools like Surfer SEO, Frase, and Scalenut offer various features, NeuronWriter excels with WordPress integration. It aids in internal linking and uses NLP for sophisticated language analysis, though it doesn't simplify writing for broader understanding.

Suitable for small businesses and content teams seeking more online traffic, NeuronWriter is definitely worth exploring.

Here's my honest review after using NeuronWriter for months (and also their competitor Surfer SEO, which I used for a full year).

Spoiler: I switched to NeuronWriter permanently with their lifetime deal on AppSumo. $89 lifetime compared to $89 monthly with Surfer? Easy choice.

What is NeuronWriter?

NeuronWriter is a tool focused on AI content optimization, boosting SEO and content quality with AI and NLP. It offers over 10 templates for various content types and integrates with WordPress. The tool aligns articles with search trends, advises on internal linking, and includes a content calendar, making it ideal for top-notch SEO content creation.

YouTube video on NeuronWriter AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Overview of NeuronWriter

NeuronWriter combines comprehensive SEO tools with user-friendly features, making it a standout choice for effective content optimization.

It simplifies the process and let you focus on creating good content that will rank on Google.

Key Features and Capabilities

NeuronWriter brings a range of features to elevate content performance. Here are some of the best:

  • Advanced Editing: Simplifies content structuring with efficient outline creation tools.
  • AI Writing Aid: Streamlines the writing and editing process, making it user-friendly for all skill levels.
  • SERP Insights: Delivers in-depth analysis for SEO improvement and online ranking enhancement.
  • NLP Guidance: Offers natural language processing advice for content relevance and search optimization.
  • Internal Linking: Recommends strategic internal links to improve content structure.
  • Plagiarism Detection: Ensures the uniqueness and originality of content.

NeuronWriter combines these features to provide a comprehensive solution for impactful and SEO-optimized web content creation.

Getting Started with NeuronWriter

Starting with NeuronWriter is straightforward. After signing up, the user-friendly project setup walks you through creating your first SEO-optimized content, offering an easy introduction to AI-enhanced content creation.

Setting Up Projects

Setting up projects in NeuronWriter is simple and vital for organizing your content. This tool helps you plan and manage your work with a built-in content calendar.

  1. Log into NeuronWriter and click on the 'Projects' section.
  2. Push the 'Create New Project' button, which opens a form for your project details.
  3. Type in the name of your project; make it clear and descriptive.
  4. Select the language for your project from a dropdown menu to get suitable suggestions later on.
  5. Add target keywords that you want your content to focus on.
  6. Check competition scores that NeuronWriter gives to know how hard it might be to rank for these keywords.
  7. Assign a writer from your team or choose yourself as responsible for the project.
  8. Set expected delivery dates so everyone knows when work should be done.
  9. Use the content calendar feature to schedule when posts should go live.
Content Editor with the color-coded system.

NeuronWriter's interface, while feature-rich, is made user-friendly with a color-coded system, using colors to indicate word usage frequency.

Easy navigation across sections like project setup, content writing, and SEO analysis enhances content creation. The platform allows adjustable AI-assisted creativity levels, from low to high, tailoring content to user preferences.

Content Creation and Optimization Tool

NeuronWriter provides great tools for easy content creation and enhanced SEO. Its features ensure reader engagement and meet search engine criteria, helping your content excel in the digital landscape.

Here's some of the key features to check out.

Content Editor and Outline Builder

NeuronWriter's Content Editor and Outline Builder streamline article crafting.

  1. Choose a suitable template, add keywords for analysis, and receive gudiance.
  2. Quickly create outlines for organized thoughts.
  3. The AI assists in developing content, saving time and providing a strong foundation.

Customize the AI draft to reflect your unique voice or brand.

AI Writing and Paraphrasing Features

NeuronWriter excels with its AI writing and paraphrasing capabilities.

It offers over 10 AI templates for crafting diverse content types, simplifying the process of writing new articles or enhancing existing ones. The tool efficiently rephrases sentences, preserving the core message of your article.

Example of the paraphrasing features available.

NeuronWriter's SERP analysis deeply explores search results to pinpoint what makes content rank highly. It studies competitors for success clues, advising on keywords, topics, and headlines to boost your content's Google ranking.

When analyzing the SERP, NeuronWriter offers you to select your competitors.

The tool also helps with internal linking, improving site navigation and content depth for search engines, thereby boosting each page's search performance and overall site relevance.

Here's an example of how we use it on anew sleep.

When analyzing the keyword "Serotonin" it found relevant articles on our website to link to being "Tryptophan", "Weighted Blanket benfits" and "B6 Vitamin".

Plagiarism Checking Functionality

After you've polished your content with ideas and strategies, it's time to make sure that work is truly yours. Nobody wants to post something on the web only to find out it's been copied from someone else.

That's where NeuronWriter steps in with its plagiarism checker. This tool scans your text and tells you if parts of it match anything already online. It helps protect your reputation and keeps search engines happy by avoiding duplicate content.

The built-in plagiarism checker is easy to use. With just one click, the system checks your writing against billions of web pages. You get a report that shows any problems so you can fix them before you publish.

Plagiarism checker within NeuronWriter.

This feature is essential for keeping your content unique and improving your website’s trustworthiness.

The Benefits of WordPress Integration

Integrating NeuronWriter with WordPress streamlines content management, enabling a direct and efficient way to export and publish SEO-optimized articles onto your website; explore how this feature can enhance your web presence in the full article.

This integration streamlines the workflow, enabling easy content transfer between NeuronWriter and WordPress, saving time and simplifying processes.

Here's how to use the integration

  • Choose the document you want to publish on the NeuronWriter app.
  • Click the 'Export' option which may also show as 'Send to WordPress'.
  • Log in with your WordPress site details if not already connected.
  • Select the correct website from your list of WordPress sites within NeuronWriter.
  • Decide if you want your article to go live right away or be saved as a draft in WordPress.
  • Review the post in WordPress, making sure all formatting is correct.
  • Add any extra details like categories, tags, featured images, or meta descriptions in WordPress.
  • Hit 'Publish' on your WordPress dashboard when ready or schedule it for later.

NeuronWriter Pricing Plans Explained

Understanding NeuronWriter's pricing structure is key to evaluating its value it brings to you, so let’s dive into the subscription plans to see how they align with your content creation needs and budget.

Various Subscription Plans

NeuronWriter has a variety of monthly plans for different needs. Each plan offers a set number of projects, content analyses, and AI credits.

Bronze Plan:

  • Price: $23 per month.
  • Includes two projects and 25 content analyses monthly.
  • Users get 15.000 AI credits every month.

Silver Plan:

  • Costs $45 each month.
  • You can have 5 projects and get 50 content analyses monthly.
  • It comes with 30.000 monthly AI credits.

Gold Plan:

  • Monthly fee of $69.
  • Offers 10 projects and up to 75 content analyses monthly.
  • Provides you with 45.000 AI credits per month.

Platinum Plan:

  • Priced at $93 monthly.
  • Allows for 25 projects with 100 content analyses monthly.
  • Comes with a hefty amount of AI credits, totaling at around 60.000.

Diamond Plan:

  • This top tier costs $117 a month.
  • It includes 50 projects and 150 content analyses monthly.
  • Loaded with the most AI credits at a count of 75.000 for the month.

AppSumo Lifetime Deal:

This option costs $89 lifetime a per "code".

One code gives access to a lifetime of Bronze Plan, while two codes gives the Silver Plan and going all the way up to Diamond Plan if you buy 5 codes.

Find the deal here:

I bought 3 codes which gave me a lifetime access to the Gold Plan giving us 75 monthly content editor analyses.

Truly amazing for the cost of $267 ($89 x 3). 😍

The AppSumo lifetime deal offers significant long-term savings with a one-time payment. Users have the option to buy additional AI credits as needed. With various pricing tiers, users can choose a plan that fits their needs and budget.

Now, let's explore NeuronWriter's strengths and limitations for a better understanding of its capabilities.

NeuronWriter: Pros and Cons

Evaluating NeuronWriter's strengths and weaknesses highlights its effectiveness as an SEO tool, combining AI writing power with user-friendly features for easy content creation.

Let's see if it suits your needs.

Advantages of Using NeuronWriter

NeuronWriter helps you make great blog posts that can show up higher in search engine results. It uses smart AI tools to give your writing a boost.

  1. In-depth analysis:
    NeuronWriter gives a detailed look at your content. It tells you how well it might do in search engines with a content score.
  2. Easy help with AI writing:
    The tool offers AI writing features that can create text for you. This saves time and sparks ideas when you are stuck.
  3. Internal linking:
    Suggests links within your site. This makes your website stronger and helps readers find more of your work. This feature works very well (much better than competitors such as Surfer SEO).
  4. Content ideas:
    There is a special section for new ideas. This helps writers come up with topics that are likely to get attention online.
  5. Learning from others:
    NeuronWriter watches top websites to see what they do well. Then it suggests changes to help your blog be just as good.
  6. Plagiarism check:
    Before publishing, the tool checks if the content is original. This protects from copying others and possible penalties from Google.

Potential Drawbacks to Consider

While NeuronWriter has many advantages, it's also important to look at the other side. Here are some things to keep in mind before you decide to use this tool:

  1. New interface:
    The interface can be hard for new users. Some people find it too full with options and info, which makes them feel lost.
  2. It takes time to learn how to use:
    NeuronWriter may take time for new users to learn. The interface and different features can be overwhelming. Do use the video onboarding from NeuronWriter is great to combat this.

NeuronWriter Alternatives: Comparing to Other SEO Tools

Discover how NeuronWriter stacks up against the competition in the crowded SEO tool market, and find out if its unique features give it an edge for your content optimization needs.

NeuronWriter vs. Surfer SEO

When considering SEO tools that leverage artificial intelligence, both NeuronWriter and Surfer SEO emerge as popular choices. However, they cater to different aspects of SEO and content strategy.

Feature NeuronWriter Surfer SEO
Core Focus AI-powered SEO writing and content optimization Data-driven SEO optimizations
Content Editor Advanced editor designed for SEO-optimized writing May offer different content editing capabilities
Outline Builder Includes an outline builder for structured content creation Not specifically included, focus is on data for content structure
AI Writing Features AI writer for content creation and paraphrasing Not a primary feature, emphasis on technical SEO guidance
Keyword Analysis Competition scores for target keywords Comprehensive keyword analysis and optimization suggestions
WordPress Integration Direct integration for publishing content Not included
Internal Link Suggestions Provides internal link suggestions to enhance SEO Link suggestions doesn't seem as good

Both tools provide essential SEO functionalities, but NeuronWriter stands out for its content creation features, while Surfer SEO shines with its technical SEO analysis.

If you're interested in exploring more in-depth differences between NeuronWriter and Surfer SEO I'd recommend this video:

NeuronWriter vs. Frase and Scalenut

Choosing the right AI SEO tool can dramatically influence the effectiveness of your content strategy. Comparing NeuronWriter with other industry competitors like Frase and Scalenut can help make an informed decision.

Feature NeuronWriter Frase Scalenut
Content Optimization NLP-driven SEO techniques Optimization with detailed insights AI-driven content optimization
AI Writing Assistance AI writing and paraphrasing tools Comprehensive AI flow for content creation AI copywriting tools with various templates
SERP Analysis In-depth SERP analysis for optimization Brief SERP analysis feature Competitor content analysis
Internal Linking Suggestions Internal link suggestions to enhance SEO Lacks internal linking suggestion feature Does not provide internal link suggestions
Plagiarism Checking Included in the tool's functionality Not available Not available
WordPress Integration Direct WordPress export feature Limited integration with WordPress Weak WordPress integration
Content Ideas Generation Generates content ideas based on analysis Focuses on optimizing existing content AI-powered content ideation

NeuronWriter provides a comprehensive set of tools, notably its NLP-driven SEO tactics and internal linking advice. In content optimization, Frase excels with in-depth insights, and Scalenut with robust AI optimization and idea generation. Each tool's unique strengths can help determine the best fit for specific needs.

Next, let's delve into NeuronWriter's customer support and user feedback.

Customer Support and Community Insights

Explore NeuronWriter's customer support effectiveness and gain insights from its active user community.

This ensures a well-supported experience with the AI SEO tool, potentially enhancing your content creation journey.

NeuronWriter boasts an active Facebook group where users can find support and valuable tips for enhancing their SEO rankings.

Access to Customer Support

NeuronWriter offers responsive support through email and live chat, typically providing quick email responses and available for chat. However, live chat may sometimes involve a wait.

They do however provide instructional videos for using NeuronWriter.

Overall, user feedback suggests good support, with room for improvement in live chat responsiveness.

Personally, I haven't needed to use NeuronWriter's live chat since their instructional videos have covered all my needs.

Personal Review of NeuronWriter

I've been using NeuronWriter for three months, transitioning from years of using Surfer SEO. My switch to NeuronWriter was influenced significantly by its cost-effective AppSumo lifetime deal at $89, compared to Surfer's monthly charge of the same amount. After extensive testing of both tools, I found NeuronWriter to be a better fit for all my companies working with SEO.

NeuronWriter excels in providing in-depth content analysis, which I found somewhat lacking in Surfer. This depth has been instrumental in improving my Google rankings for both new and existing content. The decision to switch was straightforward, as NeuronWriter offers more value and deeper insights, making it a superior choice for my SEO needs.


NeuronWriter packs a punch with its AI-powered features and SEO tools. It's made for those who want their website to shine online. With easy content creation and smart optimization, it stands out in the market.

If you aim to draw more eyes to your blog or landing pages, NeuronWriter could be your go-to choice in 2024. The tool seems well worth exploring further for anyone serious about boosting their web presence.


1. What is NeuronWriter?

NeuronWriter is an AI-powered SEO tool that helps content writers create and optimize their content for search engines. It's designed to improve your on-page SEO by giving you recommendations while you write.

2. Can NeuronWriter help me choose the best keywords?

Yes, it can! NeuronWriter can find additional keywords, give ideas for what to include in your article, and assist with keyword optimization to help your page rank better on Google.

3. Does NeuronWriter offer a free trial?

Yes, there's a free trial available that lets you try out the features before buying the full version or opting for a lifetime deal like NeuronWriter AppSumo.

4. How does NeuronWriter make sure my content is SEO friendly?

This tool uses powerful AI-based tech like GPT-3.5 & GPT-4 to analyze top analysis from Google SERP, suggesting solid SEO optimizations such as meta tags and keyword density.

5. Will my articles written with NeuronWriter pass AI detection?

NeuronWriter works hard to generate high-quality content that aims not just at being SEO optimized but also reads naturally so it could pass AI detection checks often used by search engines.

6. Is there anything else I should know about using this tool?

Neuronwriter isn't just another writing app; it assists with comprehensive competitor analysis, offers layout suggestions for topical authority build-up, and provides tips beyond traditional link building strategies.

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